Shop Update

I'm not feeling very optimistic about this whole reopening thing just yet. I love y'all and I love louisville and that's why I want to keep not only you and me safe, but every other person we're going to come into contact with over these next few wks safe. It just doesn't seem worth it to me at the moment to sell you a piece of clothing or jewelry if it means possibly getting someone sick (or worse, dead) when I can (hopefully 🤞) continue to pay the bills selling to you online. Perhaps soon we'll try to schedule some "by appointment only" shopping and then maybe open our doors to the public a few days a week and see how that goes.


But for now, Please continue to support the shop (when you can) here in our online shop and we'll either ship your order, hand deliver it (within the highlands/Germantown neighborhoods), or offer curbside pick up.


Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this whole mess. It means SO SO much. Miss you. Mean it.