Hex Collection: Healing Tee Unisex T-Shirt

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“Hexe” is the German word for “witch”. Hex signs began as a form of folk art that was popularized in Pennsylvania by German immigrants. Farmers painted the colorful geometric symbols onto their barns across the Pennsylvania countryside. Some said the signs helped ward off evil and protect the people and the land. While many people believed in the magical nature of the signs, less superstitious folks said they were just for decoration. We like to think they were a little bit of both.

We decided to do our own take on hex symbols: Protection, Strength, Luck, and Healing. We wanted to incorporate the symmetry and meaning attached to classic hex signs. Hope our hexes keep you safe and cozy!

Available in unisex sizes XS-XXXL.
(52% Ringspun Cotton / 28% Polyester)

Available in unisex sizes XS-XXL.