Scarab Cuff Bracelet by Hello Stranger // handmade in the USA // antiqued oxidized brass winged Egyptian beetle // gift idea

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simply stunning winged Scarab/beetle Bracelet - available in antiqued brass, depending on size, will fit around lower arm/ wrist or will hang down a little on the hand. either way, it'll be an eye catcher!

The Scarab is 1.75" wide from front legs to back legs. Wings are approximately .75" wide. Wing to wing length is 2.75".

*handmade with love in louisville, kentucky*

Choose your size from the drop down menu. Please note: length is from end of chain to end of chain and does not include the toggle clasp. Can be made smaller or larger by request. Due to the nature of toggle clasps, I would recommend a little extra wiggle room.

message me about any questions you may have or if you'd like a custom size made!!