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The Solitary Witch Oracle

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Wherever there are humans, there are solitary witches—independent emissaries of magick who love others but adore the companionship of the free and the wild even more. If ever you have yearned for moon-kissed mysteries, kinship with wildflowers, and ecstatic connections with Nature and her cycles, you have felt a witch’s wisdom stirring within. You may dwell deep in a forest or in an apartment within the very heart of a city. Wherever you abide, the whispers of the elements, plants, creatures, and cosmos infuse your world with fascination and freedom.

This enchanting oracle is an illuminating tapestry of insight, comfort, healing, and practical guidance for awakening your charms and senses. Together, the spark of Lucy Cavendish’s prose and Lady Viktoria’s alluring hand-painted imagery evoke profound rememberings to draw back the veil and celebrate your magickal soul. Your new journey begins… Set includes 45 cards and 180-page guidebook.

Lucy Cavendish is a Witch and writer whose works are loved and trusted worldwide. She experienced extra-sensory abilities as a child. With no answers from school or mainstream religion, Lucy set out on a personal quest to understand and develop her gifts. Today she is an exciting, enchanting voice of inspiration noted for her knowledge of sacred rites and sites, magickal history, witchcraft, folklore, alternative spiritual practices and intuitive traditions.

Lady Viktoria is a visual artist working in acrylic paint. She makes her home along the shores of Lake Simcoe in Canada. She is often found in her studio, not just painting but sharing her creative world with her children. Her artwork is inspired by her regular sojourns in nature, the mythopoetic realm, motherhood and her dreams. A thread woven throughout her work is a deep love for magic. She believes it is inherent in all of life, and through her brush, she wishes to bring magic into each and every creation.

Box measures 4.9” x 6.7”; 45 cards measure 3.75” x 5.47”
Lucy Cavendish
Lady Viktoria